Writing Across Virginia (WAVA)

WAVA was formed in 2019 as an organization to support those interested in writing programs and writing related initiatives at post-secondary institutions across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The primary goal of WAVA is to create a regional network to facilitate cross-institutional inquiry, discussion, resource sharing, research about writing, writing programs, and writing related initiatives in the commonwealth of Virginia. The organization strives to ensure that Virginia’s post-secondary writing programs remain distinguished, innovative, and adaptive as they respond to and also lead contemporary changes in rhetoric and composition/writing studies. The organization is also committed to sponsoring an inclusive space to continue dialogue related to writing programs echoed elsewhere in the field. As such, it welcomes participants engaged with writing programs and writing initiatives throughout the commonwealth, regardless of institutional role. Retired faculty, contingent faculty, and graduate students are welcomed as valued members of the organization whose perspectives will help the organization frame a clearer big-picture understanding of writing across Virginia.

The organization is currently finalizing its bylaws and seeking official status as an affiliate group of the Council of Writing Program Administrators.

This website contains information regarding WAVA news and events (coming soon).

If you’re interested in joining WAVA, please contact Cheri Lemieux Spiegel (cheri.lemieux@gmail.com) and Kristi Murray Costello (kcostell@odu.edu) and they will add you to the organization roster.