2022 WAVA Officer Elections

In Spring 2022, we will hold WAVA officer elections. As 4-year Co-President, Kristi Costello’s rotation is coming to an end on June 30 as is Derek Mueller’s post as Treasurer. We also need to fill vacancies in two additional roles: Webmaster, formerly held by Matt Beale who recently moved to Colorado, and Secretary, which became vacant when Beth was elected 2-Year Co-President. If you have interest or would like to nominate someone for one of these positions (4-Yr Co-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Webmaster), please email Beth, Derek, and/or Kristi no later than March 1. Derek and Kristi are happy to help new officers transition into these positions, and, though we hope to see new folks move into leadership positions, we are also happy to stay on in any open capacity to help the organization run smoothly. You can learn more about these positions from our bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1py0RmyzQQubo0pc3kBvjTpw5CTVUdWj7YjOuVms2w9Q/edit?usp=sharing