The first WAVA election was conducted in June and July 2019, with results posted on July 28, 2019, by Kevin DePew (ODU), elections officer.

Cheri Lemieux Spiegel

WAVA Co-President (two-year institution)
Northern Virginia Community College
Cheri Lemieux Spiegel is Professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College where she was Assistant Dean of Composition from 2011-2015. She is a former member of the CWPA Executive Board and currently serves on the advisory boards for both WPA: Writing Program Administration and the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition. She is guest co-editor of a special issue of WPA: Writing Program Administration (forthcoming Summer 2020) on two-year college writing program issues. Her work has appeared in Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Computers and Composition Online, and Basic Writing eJournal (forthcoming).

Kristi Costello

WAVA Co-President (four-year institution)
Old Dominion University
Kristi Murray Costello is Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies and the Associate Chair of Writing Studies at Old Dominion University. Costello’s research interests pertain to writing centers, writing program administration, and WAC/WID. Costello regularly teaches courses that explore the theories and histories of composition and writing centers and first-year composition. Recently, she taught writing for a multi-campus agroecology field course and co-taught an interdisciplinary special topics course on the musical Hamilton. Her co-edited collection, The Things We Carry: Strategies for Recognizing and Negotiating Emotional Labor in Writing Program Administration, is forthcoming with Utah State University Press.

Beth Bensen

WAVA Secretary
Reynolds Community College
Beth Bensen is a Professor of English at Reynolds Community College. She was the English Program Head from Fall 2015 – Spring 2019 and was the Assistant English Program Head from Fall 2011 – Spring 2015. She teaches first-year writing and advanced composition, technical writing, and literature courses. Her research interests include multimodal composing, visual and digital rhetoric, and twenty-first century literacy practices.

Derek Mueller

WAVA Treasurer
Virginia Tech
Derek N. Mueller is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing and Director of the Composition at Virginia Tech. His teaching and research attends to the interplay among writing, rhetorics, and technologies. Mueller regularly teaches courses in visual rhetorics, composition theory, and research methods. Lately he is working on an edited collection, Radiant Figures, at the crossroads shared by visual rhetorics and writing program administration, as well as an article about disciplinary impermanence.

Matthew Beale

WAVA Webmaster
Old Dominion University
Matthew Beale is a Digital Writing lecturer at Old Dominion University. His research examines the intersections of game design, technical communication, and project management. He teaches classes in digital writing, web design, technical writing, and game studies.